Cargo transports get pushed backwards, when hit by a projectile weapon, etc.

Bug report:


Any cargo convoys, hostile or allied one, will get pushed backwards, when hit by any projectile weapons or module!


Some tested variants in a video that triggered this bug:

Singularity Cannon - EM projectile

Halo Launcher - Destroyer EM projectile

Tempest Launcher - Destroyer thermal projectile


It’s currently unknown, if any thermal weapon and continuous fire weapons, like laser beams or Ion Emitter beams, apply the same effect.









thats not how the bug works


they don’t stop if attacked by entities (the escort leaves and the cargo should stop and wait) and they just continue forwards, but only the image continues, not the actual cargo, so if you want to damage it, you need to shoot at the spot where the cargo was, or is still when it stopped. Ofc when you shoot it, the texture will return to the original position where the hitbox is as well. also, it seems like the hud prediction is kinda broken with this as well - the aiming assistance option helps you aim better towards the prediction circle, if you are close enough, but since the cargo is somewhere else, the projectiles shoot sometimes even 90° to a side from where you wanted to shoot.


This bug seem to be introduced via 1.4.
An old bug: Sometimes escort ships jump-scratch too. Haven’t seen it recently, but could be related to this too.

Still not fixed!


A new video:


We know