Cargo Transports can pass through one another and do not collide or are destroyed!!!

What happened?

Cargo transports can sometimes come in direct contact with one another, but they won’t collide with one another, they will just pass through.

They won’t stop and wait until the other convoy moves first or it is destroyed.

The best example you can see is in Jericho sector - Abandoned Complex. It’s the most common one.

Federation sector - Base ‘Ellydium’, Alien space - Leviathan.


What should have happened?

Cargo transport should be instantly destroyed if they collide with one another. Phasing or ghosting through the same object because of same designated travel route should not be possible.

Convoy should stop and not pass through (ghosting).



When Convoy Escort is attacked, it is delayed. Such delays won’t delay the spawn of another convoy from the other side, or the same one going to the designated (pre-determined) location.

If held up, eventually both convoys will “meet” one another. A simple fix would involve that in such situations, the moving convoy stops.


How to replicate this bug: Open Space

  • The best possible way is to go to Jericho sector - Abandoned Complex with a cloaked Tai’Kin.

  • Hope for your luck and you will see it.

Not a bug - for transports