Cargo/Transport Ships Stop Moving




look at the cooldown for module 1 to show that some time has passed. ship does not move, it is just stuck in one place. tried shooting it, pushing it etc, nothing happens

Bug already reported.

There’s one way to make it move manually :

shot at it without station protection.

Try, you’ll see, it will move forward.

The problem is that it will die before reaching the gate.

Sad story.

Problem come from either one of his protectors that ram it/out of range or that some enemy that attacked it are still alive.

The problem with that is that station protection can no longer be disabled from the options menu so you can’t do it on the fly anymore.

Bug already reported.

Already posted at least: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23738-transports-getting-stuck/) (doesn’t look like any of the invasion bug reports actually get forwarded or otherwise processed)

The cargo doesen’t move coz the escort ships are dead :slight_smile: