Cargo Dispatch Modification [Module]

Name: Cargo Dispatch Modification

Type: Passive hull module

Tooltip: Extends the user’s cargo bay by turning the space in to a detachable warp drone. Press “K” to release the cargo bay to return it to your base. Hull volume is reduced by 2,250pts upon drone release. Drone takes 30 seconds to return.



This would in essence be a cargo drone that you can equip on literally any ship so that you don’t need to fly to a gate to send your cargo back. Though the drone will leave with your entire cargo bay, as well as some hull, so you will be damaged and unable to scavenge for 30 seconds after releasing it. The “PvP benefit” could be that it very slowly repairs your hull by 1% per 3 seconds or something. Idk.

Interesting approach, up for review.

To avoid instant cargo out thing, the drone should stay 10? seconds or so to calculate its jump way+boarding the cargo you want to send. Would counterbalance the ‘victim send out his cargo!’.

+1 for this!

To kill even more the PvP in OS and increase the repetitive farming, yeah !

2 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

To kill even more the PvP in OS and increase the repetitive farming, yeah !

Oh dear. I didn’t know that you were one of -them-…

Im sorry for your loss.



But not really.

Station protection enabled: problem solved. No more being shot in typical farm locations ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Oh jeez, I just came over here to suggest something like this, and here you went and did it for me!

I don’t know about the specifics, but I do like the idea of dispatching cargo back to base so you don’t have to fly all the way back or hunt for a cargo drone (Which are both painfully boring and serve no purpose but to waste your time)