Capturable transports

So… I was wondering if it would be a nice idea if transports were capturable by pirate patrols or by factional law enforcments (Fderation Officers, etc…), so if a patrol kills all escort ships of a transport, it will automatically belong to the transport, so they will capture it… I know this might be uselles, but more realistic.

Beause it is solely story plot based, good luck on getting that implimented.


That said, you are correct. Why isn’t there a [c] to capture after the escort ships are destroyed. Who in there right mind would destroy a transport that probably costs 5M credits to make.

I don’t know, there could be missions like that. Like capture a pirate transport, and escort it to some gate.

God, if AS actually kept track of enemies destroyed…it might look something like this:


You warp into a sector swarmed with enemy forces (Cartel, Pirates, Cybers).  Why?  Because none of your faction has been in the sector in a while, and the enemy has been allowed to swarm.


Other Scenario:


You warp into the same sector and find plenty of your faction pilots with few or no enemy pilot factions.  Why?  Because your faction has been through this sector enough recently to keep the enemy under wraps.  




When a player wipes out an enemy squadron, that squadron should not reappear for a few hours.  And the only way for the squadron to reappear is navigating its way from its home base (Processing rig, etc) through the sectors to get to where the original squadron was destroyed.  So basically, if a squad is destroyed, another will spawn at the appropriate base a few hours later.  And then it will navigate through open space to re-take the position it lost.  


Overall, this will make AS very dynamic, as friendly sectors will inherently have less enemy pilots because it’s both easier to get to (for low level pilots, etc) and because it’s farther away and increases the chance of the squad dying along the way.  


And similarly to how ships are repaired when they warp, the same happens to enemy ships.  You fail to destroy a ship out of the squad, but heavily damged it, it will have full health if it warps to another sector, but the rest of the squad is still destroyed.  


Man. I xxxx WISH!



I’d love to be able to capture one of those OP pirate transports then haul it back to station for myself.

maybe trans could have the same status as you do to prevent griefing from other players. (station protect, criminal, etc…)

Capturing transports and bringing them all the way from the borders of sectors to the station could give some guaranteed ship or dreadnought materials.

Once you capture the transport station protection goes away. Ultimate convoy mission.

Going to make a tread for this.

While ALL of this is really Good.


If we keep it real they may actually kick off an idea like this.


I was just thinking that you kill the escorts, a capture option appears on the transport. After capturing, it drops the loot items. Then the ship is on its marry way.


This could be a start to the more dynamic, and awsome ideas already listed.

I agree with the idea but it needs some realism. First of all you need a ship capable of boarding ops and as we all know frigs are currently largest flyable ships in the game, they would be best for boarding (fighters could carry mech boarding squad or something since they are smaller, intys couldnt be able to capture a ships but would be able to scan the transport or something). You would also have “succes chance” and “time needed for boarding” AND “boarding party” which could consist of marine squad or mech squad that would take over the transport (you would buy it as additional device back in the hangar). There is also a chance that ship reactor/central computer gets damaged in boarding operation, rendering the vessel useless or blowing it up. Finnaly when the ship is yours you can escort it back to base/loot it and leave it there/blow it up/whatever you want :).



If some of you guys ever played X3:TC and did boarding ops there, you know what I’m talking about.