Capitan hunt BUG

I was a capitan and i self destructed 6 seconds before capitan hunt (6 seconds to capt hunt on spawn screen with map) but game told that i was eliminated and i was unabloe to respawn. we loosed a game. this is not a ping issue. Im posting logs in zip archive


Very strange…

Same happened to me a while ago. It seems that dying within about 10 seconds of the timer expiring means you can no longer return to battle.

im doing this very often, 2 days ago i self destructed 2 seconds before time came to end and i was able to respawn. i played with destroyer, game was poor matched so i gave my team about 1 minute more of game.

You mustn’t kill self if you obtained captain role

so there is a text bug because description tells me that i can respawn in any case before time runs out