cant start t2 endless waiting

cant start t2 - endless waiting. and t3 (nyx ship) bring me to t4 (lvl0-11)…

cant start t2 - endless waiting. and t3 (nyx ship) bring me to t4 (lvl0-11)…

It isn’t just T3 Nyx Premium ship, it is every T3 Premium ship, even rank 7.

If your rating is high enough, you will get there, no matter what.


this means? i can nomore Play t2? how do i get my rank down ? lol

:01313:this Need a ingame messege. than i dont wait so Long for a game ^^

yeah it works now…

Yeah this happened to me too. I was expecting to join a tier 3 game in my tier 2 ships. It only worked once. The rest of them, I just waited till 10 min and got no game.


To play tier 2 you have to use tier 1 ships in PvP. Which brings me to the thought: If a good player start playing and suddenly hit the ELO level so the system thinks he is good enough to switch tiers… how will people play with tier 2 ships?

i dont really understand. i german and bad english. and Google translate give me bla bla bla ^^

please make this xxxx back to normal. or i will stop Play pvp bullshit. this only sucks

no more fun

Hi all - I have the same issue. I didn’t have a T2 game in 4 days now. I have 189 pvp games, pretty high w/l ratio, but I got it while leveling up my T1s. Then I got my first T2 ships, my stats started to drop like a stone (I was facing R6s with my R4 white ships ). And then 4 days ago I stopped to have any games. No single PvP game. I talked in general chat to queue with me, guys were getting a game and me not. Some veterans helped me, equipping T2s and they got a game and me not.


Please help.

Please create a full bug report and include logs, time and timezone.

I have a feeling it’s no bug. It seems like an as intended thing, and as intended is mysterious, unknown, hard to figure out. I see people in global chat saying they can’t get into skirmish with t2 ships on their tables. Something about their pilot stats is causing exclusion. My guess is that the system is trying to make them wait for extra-high rated group to form a skirmish, and the extra high rated group (relative to their tier of ships) isn’t there at all. Since it is mysterious in how it is setting up skirmishes now, players are wondering something like this: “I still have many tier 2 ships that are not full synergy. What do I do now?”

created proper bug report [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28030-cannot-get-a-t2-skirmish-battle/)

created proper bug report [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28030-cannot-get-a-t2-skirmish-battle/)