Can't seem to find my old account ANYWHERE.

I just tried logging onto Star Conflict with Steam with my old account called GhostyPlaysSC. Yet when I type in the account details it redirects me to a COMPLETELY new account.

Also, I keep getting logged onto the account I logged first in with Steam. I can’t even try out my other account I had for this game because of that!

I want to try another account that may be my old one.

I never did anything wrong with it, was it deleted or something?  :00333:



there is an account called GhostyPlaysSC with 684 battles.

You can add “-nosteam” in the launch options for the game in steam, if you want to try another account.

Yay, I got in! Now all I really want to do is for Steam to stop connecting me to star conflict with that other account. >.>

I can’t seem to find the launch options I think. But if I do, where should I click?

In this case you need to contact our support.