Can't progress in new Resources for destroyers missions

I’m trying to do “Resources for Sirius” mission but it won’t count anything. This is mission’s objective:

“Destroy of help destroy 10 ships with thermal weapons on a destroyer”.


Things I tried:

  • vs AI on r11 destroyer, destroyer few ships with pyro emitter and tempest launcher
  • destroyed few enemies in OS with pyro emitter
  • destroyed few players with pyro emitter and blaster turred on r8 destroyer

I used thermal weapons and I did it on destroyer but the mission is still 0/10. It should count.

Thermal main weapon only.

On 11/23/2017 at 9:12 PM, SINaka said:

Thermal main weapon only.

Yes, it’s true. I already told developers about this issue but they did not do a thing about it.

Sirius is the hardest destroyer to get. Why? A thermal main weapon must be used!

You need to obtain three necessary items to produce one thermal main weapon for a destroyer.


To obtain destroyer of Rank 14 activators, you also need a destroyer of Rank 8 or 11. There is no other way around it.

You should be fine if you did all the daily neodium tasks for over a month or two.


Let’s examine them: (Sirius destroyer)

  • ‘Meson Cannon’ blueprint R7-11

  • Optical resonator: Meson Cannon R7-9

  • Cooling element: Meson Cannon R7-9


So, once you have all those items, you can craft a thermal weapon, the Meson Cannon, best used on the Archon - Jericho destroyer.


Cheap marketing tricks and scummy practices are clearly evident here.



You either get all three listed items from random Iridium loot boxes, or you pay with GS currency that can be purchased by money or just by playing the game for 56 hours a month.

However, then you still rely on custom prices, which may be unreasonably high or item demand may be too high so that you could obtain all those items.

As for a kinetic weapon - just leave your destroyer slot unequipped and it will act as the Coilgun by default.


Problem is that those missions are time-limited, only available for a certain time period and sometimes losing one day means losing an opportunity to obtain something free of charge.


Again, this problem could have been easily avoided, if developers would just add an objective to kill or assist killing 10 targets. But they didn’t. And probably won’t.

The only good thing so far is that you can play in any game modes - PvP, PvE, and Co-op. I am not sure about Open Space. Maybe kills count there as well.

Damn, I was afraid that it could be main weapons only… Thanks for answers. 

Mission objective doesn’t mention this at all and also it feels extremely unfair. Lifting main weapon restriction would be a good thing.