Can't Login

Hello all,


This is my first time posting in the forums, so I hope this is the right place.


I’ve played Star Conflict on this mac for awhile and had created a second account because I didn’t like my first one I had made.  After an update awhile back it took away the login information and made it so where I was forced to login with steam only.  I would be fine with this except that for some reason it linked both of my accounts to gajin and won’t let me login via steam.  It says: Lost Connection To Server Reason : Your Steam Account is linked to more than one Gaijin.Online Account.


I got frustrated in trying to figure out what was wrong with the login for awhile and stopped playing for about a month.  I’m trying to get back into the game with some friends but am still having this issue.  Is there anyway I can delete my first account and only have my second linked to my Gajin account and login via steam that way?


I would like it if I wasn’t told to contact our support team, but instead this problem was forwarded to one of them to fix it and show others how it should be fixed because I can’t find out how to fix it anywhere on the internet. (I’ve searched for atleast an hour).  Hopefully I’m not just bad at searching for things :crazy:



Unfortunately you do have to contact support as you need to provide details no the accounts in question so that the support staff can identify the conflicting accounts and resolve the issue for you. Simply forwarding this wont help as they will still require information from you.


I would suggest contacting them and providing as much info about your account and the problem as you can (not the password obviously…). They will resolve it. As far as anyone else resolving it - please follow this process as that is what support is there for :slight_smile: