cant login to game

ok so now iam confused :blink: i receved email from where i got SC client, i got email about info of forum login and iam even able to be in beta testers forum section so why the hell i cant log in to game??? so iam beta tester or not? if not than why i can be here :huh: cuz every time i try to login it says wrong password or username/ID. realy would like to get answer to this question or maybe any explanation.

P.S. Sry for bad englis heh :ph34r:

Edit: and yea i tryed to serch for something like this but no luck for me :mellow:

You need to use your email for log in.

thx for advice but that dont work O.o, btw saying to use email u mean this forum acc email or log in info??? even this is stupid question

Edit: thx for advice Error that forced to me to look for what my PW is :smiley: and that worked finaly found where is my PW and which one is for SC thx. problem solved request close. :stuck_out_tongue:

/solved and closed.