Can't log in

Hey, I downloaded the client through the Star Conflict website and when I try to log in I get “Disconnected. Reason: Internal Server Error”


No idea what’s causing it, any help?

Does this error still occur? Did you try to use the repair function of the client itself?

Not yet, will try that when I get home. I don’t know why I would need to, I literally installed it from fresh and tried to log in.


After some conversations through the ticket system, it may be because my account was deleted then re-created with the same email.

Still looking for a solution, but like I said it only seems to be affecting one account, I have another which works just fine. Probably needs to be escalated to some higher support for this to be resolved though.

I’ve still had no solutions to this. Still unable to log in with my account, can anyone help?

Please contact our support team on that matter.