Cant Log in through steam

Topic says it all cant connect because of a steam interaction error.  Anyone else having this issue?

I have the same problem.  Don’t know why.  Once it said the servers were very busy and I was in a queue, but then it gave the interaction error again. I rebooted and had steam verify the integrity of the install, so I think it’s a server problem.

I’ve been getting these issues for hours now. when I log in i get the message. Steam Service Interaction Error. can you please fix this I pay alot of money to help support the development of this game.

Im getting the same issue. While ingame the game crashed, after that i couldnt log in. Happend about a hour ago.

I found an old thread on the Steam forums that blamed this error on Steam, is that still the case for this time? If so, I guess I better make a ticket with Steam.

Yup me too. Are you both on a mac?

In the mean time restart Steam in offline mode then use your SC account to log in.

It is a Steam errors. Try to call to Steam support.