Can't Join PVP games....

Ok, so since the patch around a week ago i’ve not been able to get into a PVP game.


I can join PVE and Invasion roaming…


I pick launch for PVP then the clock starts ticking, the longest i’ve waited before giving up was 77mins.

I’m only trying to get a tier 4 game so i know there are plenty of players but still no luck.


Any clues what i can try to fix this?





Same, but I’ve been trying for T4/T5 and thought it was because of lack of players.

We’ll a mate of mine usually squads up with me…he plays fine on his own at those tiers but when we team up…no games, we waited 20 mins before giving up…


Guess i’ll try uninstalling and re-installing next.




should be able to get t4/5 matches solo easy but in a squad i doubt it, havent seen any other squads at those tiers recently, only in sector conquest