Can't find how to link Gaijin with Steam account

I know this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find the options menu to give me the option. I’ve tried re-installing the game completely and still it always logs directly with steam. I would really like to solve this ASAP since I just bought gold standards to buy the discount license and this only goes until tomorrow early morning. Any help?

If it’s any consolation - I bought the 3 month license a few hours before 50% off on 6 months went live lmao. Serves me right for not having telepathic abilities.

If your GS is not showing up, the following may help.


Go into your Steam directory and find the Star Conflic folder. (steam\steamapps\common\star conflict).

Launch Star Conflict using the “game.exe” in the folder.

Login using your Gaijin credentails.


If your GS still do not show up, or if they do, plesae leave a reply.

That worked! Many thanks for your help!

You can also achieve this by adding the launch property below in Steam. (Right click -> properties -> launch properties)


I purchased GC thru this morning. I t doesnt show up when i use my steam auto login. If I log in thru .exe in steam it is there. I have tried to link my steam to my gaijin account but it tells me the account is already linked to steam.  The GC do show uo if I log in with my Gaijin cedentials. I do NOT want ot lose the progress I have made in game jsut to have my GC. Can anyone please help?

Please contact the supportfor any technical issues with your account and premium currency.

I have contacted support. my ticket # is 86790. I have yet to receive a response. I was hoping this would be resolved quickly so as not to miss out on the weekend specials. i’m beginning to think that may not be the case. :frowning:

I am sorry,… but the forum staff is different from the support staff… we can’t help you there :confused:

But there Events every weekend, so it wasn’t your last chance =)