Can't complete transaction via game client.

Long story short - I can’t buy any Gold Standarts/Packs (for example ‘Federation Paragon T4’ Bundle) via game client. When I click some GS or pack button „BUY” there’s no response - I suppose game client should launch browser, where I can finish transaction.


I can buy goods directly via SC web page but there is another issue: when I login to my Gaijin account (in web page), buy some and then I launch game by STEAM i dont have recently bought things in game. In Windows system there is possibility to launch game without STEAM, and then login to game with Gaijin login/pas. Which is - in Linux - impossible (or I miss something?).


System: Linux Mint 17 64bit Cinnamon Edition.

Yea I had the same problem where my steam account didn’t have the money when I purchased the Standards using Gaijin… Unfortunately when I tried logging in via the .exe using my steam email and password SC created a new account for me and put the Standards there.

You have to login with the gaijin account if you started star conflict. I had the same issue and logged in my star conflict with the gaijin account. But I don’t remember where it was.  

@spinner0815: “You have to login with the gaijin account if you started star conflict.”


Is it possible on Linux? It seems I only can launch SC via Steam.

Try to add the command line “-nosteam” in the “Launching Options”


To acces the “Launching Properties” :


  • Make your “Star Conflict” is not running!
  • In your game library (on Steam), Right click on “Star Conflict”
  • Select “Properties”
  • It will open a window, make sure to be on the “General”
  • Select “Launching Options”
  • In the window that will open, write “-nosteam” (Without the “”)
  • Click on “Ok”
  • Close the “Properties” window
  • Launch Star Conflict and use your Gaijin’s Loggin to enter in the game !

@Rakza: works perfect! Thank You for help :slight_smile: