Can't complete Campaign Quest Wrath of the Ironwoman

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | Campaign Quest: Wrath of the Ironwoman… PVP and AI kills don’t count towards the 30 kills needed to finish quest. Tried different levels of ships, in both modes. |
| What you expected to see | I expect PVP and AI kills to count towards completion of the campaign quest Wrath of the Ironwoman |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | Tried different levels of ships, quest text does NOT indicate what ships to use. |
| Problem details | Campaign Quest: Wrath of the Ironwoman can’t be completed. PVP and AI kills are NOT counting. |
| Frequency of reproduction | always |
| Time of bug |   |





Add screenshot of mission please.

Also logs~

Screenshot and logs added.

That is quite strange. You should be getting at least a few points towards that mission.

I’m getting NO progress at all… did Rank 5, 6, and Rank 10 ships so far… nothing.

Try fitting your highest rank ship and using it. Doesn’t matter what faction as long as it is the highest rank possible that you own.