Can't buy Gold (am Steam User) - Ticket 55421



I am playing this game as Steam user. I want to buy Gold but it doesn’t work from in-game.


In the Steam Platform I find 3 error messages under Settings “Account -> Account Details”

TAB “Game Transaction”, Column Event: FAILED, which are related to my 3 unsuccessfull attempts.


I am not sure whether it is related to each other:

Under steam I have no credit card information associated with my account ! I regard this as too insecure.


If I am starting game.exe (without steam) I can login to game using my Gaijin user, but this is not my normal game user, I start there from the beginning.


I personally expected, that I get redirected from the game to a payment platform like Paypal to finalize Gold purchase, and this no matter whether I play this game via Steam or not.


Please note that I bought several DLCs on Steam, which I do not want to loose (permanent Boni, ships) shall your recommendation be to move away from steam and play the game without steam.


So … can you give me a solution for this ?



please contact our support.

Thanks Error, did so already (see ticket number in the subject).


I hoped for some feedback of users with same issue.

I never had an issue with Gold, but the support doesn’t take too long to answer (at least my cases were pretty fast)


Just be patient and they will solve your problems.