Canonical information on the Jericho faction

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The Jericho People are the heirs of people who were sent out of the Solar System in huge prison ships as a result of Religious wars. For a long time, the Jericho civilization had no planets of its own.


The Jericho People are hard-spoken and very suspicious of outsiders. The harsh living conditions affected the outlook of the followers of the Frontier. Unusual customs appeared and gave an incredible impetus to the development of science and technology, so that upon repeated contact, the decisive technical superiority of Jericho was revealed. Over time, the Jericho People have not changed and still observe the traditional way of life of the founders.
One of the main areas of Jericho’s science is cybergenetics. Scientists have been developing in this area for centuries and have studied various ways of connecting living and non-living tissues.
The only purpose of the first experiments was to make up for the shortcomings of the human physical shell. So, the eye lost in battle was replaced by an implant, not yet different from the original, but already more sharp-sighted, more durable. A modulator was implanted in the vocal cords, which allowed you to control the overtones, subordinating someone else’s will. The brain grew to the level of a supercomputer, and soon a neural network was created that connected the superintelligences of the Jericho People. Members of this faction began to modify their bodies from early childhood, and few of them retained a fully human appearance in adulthood.
Stern and uncommunicative, the Jerichoites jealously guarded their many secrets and killed without hesitation, even for the opportunity to get any information about technology that they did not yet know.
Another distinctive feature of Jericho is a fanatical devotion to the leader. That leader was once Bartle.


The political structure of Faction


The following is an approximate political structure of Jericho.


At the head of Jericho from the time of the Frontier was Bartle, who was also the commander-in-chief of the Raid.

Separately, there was a group of people called oracles. Their main task was to transmit Bartle’s orders to the Families and corporations of Jericho.

Each Family Clan is headed by its own hierarch. The name of only one hierarch is known, namely the leader of the Liu family-Arko Zen, who died on the Monolith. Not the least role in the management of the Family is occupied by the Supreme Censor. His tasks are not clear, but he has a power comparable to that of a hierarch.

Currently, the role of Bartle is performed by the Council of Families, formed in 4041.

Famous Families:

  • The Bosco family

  • The Liu family

  • The Mendez family

  • The Toro family

  • Yamato family

  • The Saladin family

  • The Sonex family

The remaining 93 Families are unknown.


Only one corporation is also known, namely the Shinto Family.

Visual distribution of power (Before the Vanguard attack)




Initially, the religion of Jericho was based on the belief in the Signal, where the main task of people was to reach the Boundary beyond which the Gods were waiting for them. Gradually, the religion was transformed into a cult of the personality of their Prophet, and the Bartle Way appeared, following which the Jericho People will be able to find the Forerunners. A separate niche in religion was occupied by science and implantation, which is fully reflected in one of the prayers.


"Your name is in the singing of microchips,

o Thousand-armed one, your truth is in the code of the web.

You watch us with the eyes of the objects

and you direct the light of the diodes…O Prophet

guide me to the right path,

for I am lost in the darkness.»

(This prayer was read by a Jericho man aboard the cruiser Seventh Seal)


The main religious symbols are:

  • Ark Monolith

  • Temple of Last Hope

— Jericho Relic Ark

  • Cruiser Seventh Seal (Supposedly considered Bartle’s Tomb)


In the Temple of Last Hope are the mysterious arks of the Liu family-ancient symbols of power and unity, according to legend, received by the founders from the hands of Bartle himself

Designed originally to guard the temples of Jericho, the destroyer Sibyl has always had two functions: military and religious. In fact, it may itself be a place of worship, a religious symbol.


Raid 110px-Raid_big.png


Almost all Families have their own combat units, some of which are sent to the army of Jericho, called the Raid. It was run by a staff under the command of Bartle himself. The raiders conducted daring sorties from the bases of Jericho into the depths of space. After the defeat of Jericho by the Federation Vanguard, after Bartle’s death, Jericho society was no longer monolithic. The richest and most powerful of the Families came to the fore. The raid is still run by the headquarters, which is now run by a chief chosen by the Council of Families. Currently, all the influential Families have their own scientific and production facilities that allow them to develop and produce warships. Most Families are engaged in the production of ships of one or two types. To earn the right to represent your Family in the Raid is a great honor for Jericho, so Families allocate their best ships and best pilots to complete the army.


Some mercenaries are currently reporting sightings of the Raid’s ships, but this has not been confirmed with certainty.




Initially, during Bartle’s reign, the Jericho battleships were designed by Technologists and handed over design documentation to the shipyards owned by the Families. After the split that resulted from Bartle’s death, the Technologists closed in on themselves, stopped sharing information with other Families, fearing leaks. Now they own their own production technology, which is not available to others. However, they are ready to modify ships of any type to order. Their technology is distinguished by an exceptionally deep level of human-machine interaction, to the point that on the latest models, the pilots do not just control the ship, but practically merge with it into a single whole.


Currently, their territories are controlled by Caretakers.


Notable representatives of Jericho


Arko Zen is the hierarch of the Liu Family. He died on the Monolith.


Supreme Censor of the Mendez Family-no data available.


Maria Corra-an orphan who escaped from the Monolith.


Victor de Toro Is The Guardian of the Mendez Family.


Kwai Wong Is The Guardian of The Mendes Family.


Arthur Liu is an engineer of the Liu Family. He died on the Monolith.


Ada Sonex is the last member of the Sonex Family.


Ronaldo Sonex-hero of the Third War for the Bartle Sector. Died.


Coordinator Liu is the new leader of the Liu Family.


Dariush is the guardian and pilot of the cruiser Seventh Seal.


Enrique Cortez Is The Hero Of The Liu Family. He died during the evacuation from the Monolith.


Catherine Liu-a girl found in a cryocapsule in the Temple of Last Hope


Lieutenant Cruz is a soldier. He died in the Temple of the Last Hope.


Commander Reeves is an officer of Jericho.


Dogma, Heartcase-ordinary soldiers of Jericho.


Orlando Hector Is The Mendez Family Observer.



William Kidd is a former Jericho man.



Madame Shi is a former Jericho girl.


The baron of the Enclave is a former Jericho man.


Jose Reyes-Reid’s Sergeant. Fate unknown.


Vicenta Medina-private Jericho.


Ronin is a Technologist who helps the crew of the Scotia.


Conflicts with other factions


  • Religious war

After the fall of the Frontier, the Frontier begins active military operations against the Earth government. However, the Directorium, created to fight the fanatics, wins. In 2780, the “Decree on the Frontier” was adopted. The followers of Bartle decide to send them to the depths of space.


  • First War for the Bartle Sector 3479-3611.


In 3441, the outskirts of the Directorium worlds are attacked by unknown ships. Later it is possible to find out that the attackers are descendants of exiled fanatics (according to the propaganda of the left).

They call themselves the Jerichoites. Those who are captured are surprisingly resistant to interrogations and only manage to find out that they are led by Bartle.

From now on, this sector of space is called by his name. The first war begins.

In the course of the war, the Jerichoans take over one world after another, their technology is incredibly advanced, and their ships are more powerful.

Using the best weapons, Jericho defeats the troops of the Directorium, but soon the PMU seizes power and repels Jericho.

The border is retreating


  • Second War for the Bartle Sector

There is no data, but at this time the Imperial destroyer Invisible was created.


  • Third War for the Bartle Sector 4189


The Empire once again turns its attention to the Bartle Sector and initiates a large-scale military campaign against Jericho, called the Third War for the Bartle Sector.

The campaign does not bring success: the Jericho People have already recovered from the fatal retreat 5 centuries ago. Their closed caste of Technologists, not bound by the usual morality, managed to create amazing models of weapons. There are reports of Revenant involvement in this process. In direct opposition, the ships of Jericho are significantly superior to the imperial ones. Only numerical superiority allows the Empire to hold its position. The Jerichoites, on the other hand, in gigantic nomadic bases (a propensity for using which they inherited from their ancestors who were exiled from Earth on prison arks), appear in various systems of the Empire, striking sudden and tangible blows.

The Empire is withdrawing from the Bartle Sector and focusing on protecting its territories.


  • Vanguard Attack, Revenant Betrayal 4346

The constant Jericho raids force the Federation to retaliate. The formed Vanguard strikes a blow aimed at destroying Bartle. The operation is successful.

At the same time, the Revenants betray Jericho and strike. The result of these events is the death of some of the Oracles and the destruction of the internal communication network of Jericho-the neural network. Also, as a result of the attack on Jericho-3, the ark of the Sonex Family was destroyed. Almost the entire Family was killed.


  • Battle in Sector 1337

The Mendez Family fleet fights the Imperial fleet, but both sides retreat. What happened in the sector is unknown.


  • War with Enclave 4620

Despite their long cooperation, the leaders of the Enclave betrayed Jericho and began fighting. Currently, there are rare fights.

Fragments of the Third War for the Bartle Sector.


Fragments of the Third War for the Bartle Sector




Some technologies


The basis of the Jericho Fleet is the arks, which serve as a home for Family clans. The exact number of arks is unknown.

Famous Arks:

  • Monolith

  • Bosco-3A

  • Shanghai-32

  • The minister

  • Yamato-1

  • Tabernacle


The Jericho diversion interceptors are equipped with augmented reality technology. The ship is controlled through a special sarcophagus on board the ship. Exception Wakizashi R.


Jericho has intelligent combat drones in its service.

Quote from the story The legacy of the ancestors:

"In fact, it was impossible to tell where the drone was looking, because its eyes were a long horizontal line that cut its head in two. The robots ’ powerful exoskeleton was covered by heavy composite armor, and they were armed with assault rifles that could penetrate any defense. These vehicles proved to be excellent both in a direct collision with the enemy, and during sabotage. Although the main advantage over other drones was their own mind for each robot. Smart machines memorized each battle and eventually became smarter and more advanced in their skills… And even promoted to military ranks.»


The Singularity and Custodian ships are a shell for individual AI Caretakers.


The remnants of the Liu Family have developed a serum that provides protection against the effects of the biomorph virus for a while.


Jericho uses Crusader-class frigates as landing ships.


Jericho uses a remote control system, but very often they control the ship directly from the cockpit.


Prior to the creation of the Axe stormtrooper, Jericho used the Adion ship, which is not featured in the game.


In the service of the Raid, there are tactical cruisers and autonomous bases.


Technologists managed to create caches that are located in subspace.


For a long time, the minds of all Jericho Residents were connected by a neural network, thanks to which the entire fleet of Jericho acted as a single unit.

At the moment, the Caretaker systems are connected in a similar way.


The Mendez family used the wreckage of the Defiler to create Saw One.


In most cases, Jericho ships are armed with kinetic weapons.


Individual ship systems and weapons: SE-5-M maneuvering engines; Caduceus reactor; Igla-SM torpedoes.


Some cosmic structures of Jericho


Gas production station



Terramorfing station



Jericho Battle Station



The corporation’s shipyard (Presumably this is what the Crystal shipyard looks like)



Mendez-IX Station



Ark Monolith



Unknown Jericho structure



Temple of Last Hope




When the portal storm subsided, and the remaining Jericho People on the periphery tried to contact their kin, the answer was silence. The subsequent expeditions to the Jericho sectors shocked not only the Jericho People. The entire race has completely disappeared: the drifting cities, the fleet, the people.
The remaining real estate of Jericho on the planets and orbits is controlled by various types of AI. New ship models continue to come out of the shipyards, and technologies are developing, although at a slower pace than when these AIS worked in the same network with humans. Completed contracts are issued and automatically paid for. There is a service for friendly guests and their equipment. But this only highlights the eerie desolation that reigns in the Jericho systems. And one can’t help but think that this well-established mechanism no longer needs people.
Attempts to find out from the AI managers where and under what circumstances the entire Jericho race disappeared were unsuccessful.
Despite the fact that the Jericho ships under the control of AI continue to patrol the space of Jericho, it is increasingly possible to meet Cybers and Crystallids. As well as pirates who want to profit from the abandoned property belonging to one of the greatest space powers. The day is not far off when representatives of the Federation or the former Empire will claim their rights to these territories.
Rare daredevils who decided to be the first to poke into the once closed systems of Jericho, found out that some drifting cities still remained, but they do not get in touch. Scans of these cities show possible infection with the biomorph virus. This led the researchers to the hypothesis that Jericho left its sectors to avoid infection. Or that the infection could not be avoided and the cities of Jericho were directed to the stars, so as not to spread the infection.


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