Cannot fire left mouse button weapon

For the past couple of days my main weapons will fire some of the time but when i get to close range combat they don’t work at all while my missiles are able to fire i’ve tired resetting the key bindings as well as different mice well three different ones that have all work for everything else but in game. My internet speed is no problem it’s at a constant 40+ mbps and a ping around 12-25 so any suggestions would be helpful I love this game but if I can’t play it effectively then I have no choice but to stop playing it which is the last thing i want to do i haven’t been able to find another space sim that is this much fun and free non the less. 

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Do you have dual  KEY BINDINGS for the Main Weapon Fire?


Ive noticed that if one has two keys bound to the Main Weapon or to the Missile Bay, and you are holding one and try to use the other key, there is no action…aka a misfire.


I noticed this after mapping Main Fire to my LMB and SHIFT so that I could fire with ether hand, using mouse or keyboard.


When in a heated battle I was holding the SHIFT key down all the time firing beams with my left pinky and being right handed would without thinking click the LMB also at times.   The actions cause a misfire and the weapon does not fire.


I realized what I was doing after dieing a few times and saying WTF at the screen back at the hanger.   I had to stop relying on the left pinky so much.  It took some habit breaking but was able to retrain myself to only fire from left or right hand and switch when they get tired of holding the SHIFT or LMB.


Basically, by double mapping the keybind for the weapons fires, you are giving two triggers to a weapon.  Pull both and its a misfire.   In battle when it occurs, release BOTH and pick one or the other and the weapon will fire just fine.


I read a post here the other day from a user that joked around and said that some bugs become actual features of an application.   If there is the case with double mapping Weapon Fire, then by all means keep the bug and DONT correct the logic to fire when both are triggered.  Because it makes sense.  A weapon only has one firing trigger.  Using a Star Trek reference here, on the show weapons could be fired from dual locations.  That trigger was located on both the Bridge and in Engineering…and either could fire, but not both at the same time.


I dont think its a bug.   It was me and dual bindings and I fully understand the decision paths and event triggers I was flowing thru in logic and causing a condition the logic can NOT flow down because even multitasking machines execute events one at a time at times and lock what is called atomic variables and do not release the lock for another task until the event completes so that another task can access the variable.   Somethings just cant be shared in the internals.  There is only one Main Weapon.  Give it two triggers and press both, and both are in the same data packet the server sees… so which one gets the logic locks?  answer, neither.  Misfire   Both task events cant lock the variable that holds the value of if the weapon is firing or not.  Both want it in logic and only one can have it so neither get it.    User error.  Release and choose one or the other and trigger the event and lock the variables for processing. 


With all that tech stuff said…your issue could be the same thing.  




Dude, your guns were overheating and had to cool down and missiles expended and new cartridges take time to reload into the tubes.