Cannot find "Shop" tab in Storage

Hello, I’m here with some dumb problem. Maybe I’m blind or stupid but I cannot find “Shop” tab anymore. I remember there were “My items” and “Shop” tabs in Storage but now I can only browse my items and nothing else.

Where was the shop moved? When was that?


Edit: I know that I can buy modules with Atlas but what about ammo?




Shop was removed, you can just buy ammo from the items menu.

Thanks for fast reply. I haven’t been using shop for so long that I probably overlooked it in changelog.

About ammo, where is this “items” menu? Do you mean the item bar at the bottom? If so, how about premium ammo then, is it OS loot only now?

After using all my premium ammo I’ve found in open space it disappeared completely from ammo list so I was wondering how anyone can get it now without finding it in OS.

Yeah, the menu in which you select the ammo for your weapon, and premium has been moved to OS, but it wasn’t that useful to begin with.

OK, everything is clear now, thanks, next time I should read changelogs more carefully ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)