Cannot complete "Hacker Attack" contract

Contract is located in Ontregos Drift. Not sure how long I have it there, wasn’t active in OS for a while.


Contract: Test the virus on a Cyber beacon in Ontregos Drift



Contract description:


There is no yellow mark when entering Ontregos Drift:


And there is no available action to do with the beacon, nothing on the map has yellow mark:


Logs attached.


It’s because you are using the Tai’Kin. The devs overnerf everything so they made it so you cant do missions in that ship. XD

I had a similar issue when the latest updates rolled out, specifically when we got the os missions for the new ships, but mine was: It did not show the mission in the hangar but when I undocked to do the new ship mission in os the yellow marker was there and I did it thinking it was the new ships mission but turned out being the os daily and when I re-docked it finally showed as completed. So yes, I would say that there are a few bugs in os daily missions.

its a daily mission from the Empire Station or an other station …?

on the map we can see all daiy mission but if we undock from the wrong station the objective are not actived on the aera .

Dev. have made change since a few weeks but they don’t write those thing on patch note , i dicover by accident when on undocking from the fedaration station i can"t see objectif from a daily mission from new alien ship/faction on the ellidyum base in wich we 've to escort 2 cargos


For daily mission ( monos ) , they need to add one more info … Task from "name sation/faction "  , then on this way we can in wich station we’ve to undock to see objectif on the aera

Well, changing station to Guardian-17 and then flying to the place worked. Thanks for the help