Cannot chose account while ingame

Hi, i really need some help to figure this out… 

Since the last 2 patches, whenever i open the game, I don’t have the option to log into my Newest SC account. Instead it says : Use current Steam account. I don’t want to use my xxxx steam account with ships i don’t like, Please help?!


I also uploaded a screenshot of the login screen, if any of you can relate… 



Hello jkaby,


You will need to launch the game from the game.exe in in your StarConflict folder inside your steam folder, this is the default location: SteamLibrary_SteamApps_\common_star conflict_"game.exe " then log in to your Gaijin account.


Unless you have merged your gaijin account with your steam account you should be able to log in that way.

Well my bad i forgot to mention i was playing on mac… :confused: any idea what i can do?

This might be a problem as the only way to play from a Mac is with Steam, the stand alone launcher doesnt work on Mac yet. I suggest you still try to browse your Steam library and look for the game executable untill someone with more Mac knowledge can answer you.

/moved to mac section.

  • Go in your Steam Library
  • Right click on Star Conflict
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click on “Define launching properties”
  • add “-nosteam” (without the “”)


You can launch the game with steam and log with your Gaijin.Online account