Cannot Adjust Gamma/brightness

I cannot adjust the ‘Gamma’ in ‘graphics’.


It is not something i just recently discovered.


I tried both fullscreen, stretched and windowed mode.


Currently as a workaround i set the settings in Nvidia control panel, affecting the whole desktop.


Nvidia driver version: 340.93

Resolution: 1280x768

x86_64 AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor AuthenticAMD


Attached logs for star conflict in logs_gamma_bug.tar  , including:


* log from terminal when running steam, logging into SC, try to change gamma, then exit.


* log from Xorg (mostly hardware/graphics stuff)


* screenshot from hangar showing nothing interesting except for the default game brightness


-------miscellaneous/very useless:

the game is on a standard ext4 partition, with mount flags: noatime, nodiratime and defaults


pls let me know if i can provide more info

[logs_gamma_bug.tar](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10000)

[user_config.xml](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10001)

It is bugged, confirmed!