Can we bring back the Th'ak'len 7-17 Gun for Waz'got?

This masterpiece of a gun has been lost in the void and many pilots (including myself) never got a chance to even craft it, I was wondering if maybe we could get a chance to earn it again by maybe doing missions for it or using Iridium to buy it from the market like the destroyer module containers. Or find components in space like other modules.

Unfortunately Tha’ak’Len was moved to Tournament rewards. And not the weekend tournament - player hosted/orgnaised Tournaments such as the recent ‘Winter Way’. There’s honestly no reason for the gun to be a Tournament reward and is completely out of place from other tournament rewards which are only different on a cosmetic level like the Turbophaser or Champion’s laser.


So uh yeah… maybe lob that bad boy onto Waz’got’s research tree to avoid inflating the amount of containers which is going to get out of hand with the impending release of the Empire Rank 17 Destroyer and Federation Rank 17 Destroyer.