Can Not connect to server

SO, if it is my computer causing the problem that I can not connect to Star Conflict, How come I CAN connect to War Thunder just fine. Both of my computers connect to War Thunder totally perfectly. Both my computers do NOT connect to Star Conflict. I think if you guys want to make some loot with Star Conflict. YOU, I repeat YOU need to figure out why. NOT tell me some thing is wrong with my computer or my end. That is total Fluff. IF it was on my end, Then why? does War Thunder work? 




My computers at work DO connect to the game fine in windows 7.   Both my newer computers at home windows 8.1. Do not work.  PLEASE WAKE UP AND FIX IT, or you might as well close the game down now. 



Please fill out a detailled [bug](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/15572-how-to-report-client-related-bugs/) report.

There is no bug to report. The people that run War Thunder, that work for you, will be glad to tell you whats wrong and fix it.

Hint, it does have something to to with your game that is not compatible with Bigfoot networks, that windows 8.1 is widely using to control access to the internet. IF War Thunder can figure it out. You too should be able to figure it out.


All ports are OPEN (using your suggested port checker). All firewall setting are OPEN. All Bigfoot network setting are OPEN. All windows setting are open.  If I turn of Norton anti virus, no effect.  If I uninstall Big Foot networks, game works, Ta Da but, I am totally screwed because i can no longer connect to the internet by hard wire, and it totally screws over EVERY other game and application on the computer that connects to the internet.


NOTE: DO NOT uninstall Big Foot as a solution, it will savagely screw up your internet access.


So I repeat since War Thunder DOES WORK with no problems with Big foot, then why does Star Conflict NOT WORK with Big Foot networking.


Its on your end. PLEASE have your War thunder internet connection team HELP your Star Conflict internet connection team.


PLEASE NOTE: Star Conflict DID WORK with Big Foot during the early part of the testing. I ran it and played it perfectly. Now after you have have done several patches it has stopped working. 


If you want to know why your game is failing it is because thousands of people are trying but they can not connect to you server.

Dude, sit down, drink a tea or a coffee and relax, then plug back your internet cable to your PC and try it again.

There is a conflict with Star Conflict and Big Foot Networking that must be fixed by the company making the game. It is not up to the players to figure out why their software does not work. I have worked with computer networks since 1982 on 1400 baud modems. I know how it all works. It is a software conflict on their end. If War Thunder can do it, then Star conflict can do it.


Why can’t you guys just admit you have something wrong, get your I am superior attitude out of the way and fix the problem.   The problem is NOT on the players end, NOW could it be as simple as Big Foot needs to update their software? I suppose, but again My computers work totally fine with War Thunder and Wings of Prey. So its obviously on Gaijin’s end, not the players.  So if your right how can you explain the really low population you have on this game?

War Thunder and Star Conflict use different servers and a different engine.
Please create a proper bug report, otherwise it will be hard to find the cause of this issue.