Now all players must complete special UMC assignments to reach new levels. Assignments are united by a common plot. As the tasks are completed, the player visits locations of the ‘Open Space’ mode.


The plot of the campaign begins right after Ellydium Corporation managed to force out the aliens from the zone where the Ellydium-Theta station is located.

It would seem that ‘Ellidium’ is at the peak of its success. But it is at this moment that the corporation sends a large-scale request to the UMC for urgent and high-paying work.

The UMC accepts the order and sends base an advanced reconnaissance unit to the ‘Ellydium Theta’ base, while it’s assembling the main forces. As part of this reconnaissance unit, you are a high-class mercenary pilot. Adventures begin!


New task system

Now all the tasks are located on a single screen, located on the Galaxy Map.

  • For convenience, the tasks are grouped by tabs.

  • All tasks related to the plot and progress are in the tab ‘Campaign’.Their completion is required to obtain new levels.

  • The ‘Contracts’ tab is similar to an electronic bulletin board, where the tasks related to the Open Space are posted.Here are the tasks that allow you to extract valuable Cargo.

  • ‘Repeatable tasks’ allow you to receive valuable reagents and even earn Galactic Standards!

  • Finally, on the ‘Resources for Ships’ tab, you can select the tasks that will help you get the rarest components for the production of ships.