Campaign, collecting the shards

Does increasing your scanner range help at all with locating these things? Doesn’t seem to help me I only tend to find them when I’m right on top of them.

If the scanners don’t help, I can use that mount for something else more beneficial.

the spacial scanner especially helps you to see where the mysterious containers, the enemies, the invisible players are located according to the colors you see.
green: all the usual containers and minerals, as well as pirate hideouts.
blue: mysterious containers.
red or yellow: enemies (bots)
white: invisible player or mysterious container if mixed with enemy colors
“pink”: asteroides
the difference between the color of the mysterious container and an asteroid is sometimes difficult. One tends towards blue, the other rather purple/pink.
also, putting the scanner on helps you see everything you can take, unlike not having it.
I think you need to improve your ship’s view range if it’s really low, to reach the scanner’s max range. good luck :slight_smile:

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