Call out for help to any CEO intrested.


Last time i saw an announcement about a small publicity stunt for youtubers and twitchers. This is a great start. But i would like to bring this to further heights.

To reach out to new people, make them active on the forums, let them enjoy this game, it starts with having a fun community and lots of things to do…

With your help i would love to start up the underground tournaments again in 2017. With every month a tournament or event to enjoy you with.

And now let’s be honest, what’s more better than a few extra gold caps on your account? ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)



  • Every month a new tournament / event.

  • All tournaments / events will be promoted on FB for atleast 20 € = reaching ± 2000 / 4000 people on FB.

  • All CEO’s participating on this will have there corp name announced on the post + the link to there website or link of choice.

  • On every post promoted will ofcorz direct people to the official website of SC.



Now your going to ask yourself, what do i need to do? Is it going to take alot of time and effort?

The onlything you need to do is have a team ready for most tournaments or events.

Time and effort? Depends on how well your team is and if you need to train alot. But besides that no not realy… If you participate on most tournaments your name will stay on the posts that are promoted on FB.

But what do i then have to do? Well starting with new people… invite them , support them, screen them. without support people will keep on making the same mistakes, and with our knowladge we can guid them to better skills and greater hights. With this we allready make it easyer to thows we call Aces… And even for them tournaments can be fun!!

What do i gain personaly with this? Well nothing besides your corp name promoted on FB. What do we gain generaly with this… The community that we lost 3 years ago. Im very sorry to say but this game + the community isnt what it was befor. We have more people that come and go that real players that stay and enjoy the game… Even hardcore players left this game, that i hope to see them come back with enjoying events like this… And everyone, win or lose. we had an amazing time back then and a great suport of the SC community.

I hope we can go back to that point with your support.

Grz Deadly.


Upcomming Tournament: