Buying DLC pack and Stickers

So, after the recent update people who had Galaxy Explorer and/or Elite pilot had their stickers being available for free.


What is the situation if one gets either of those now ?


Do not want to blow money and not getting fully what I was promised.


So in Short : I buy one of the 2 while on discount. I activate. Do I have my 5/10 stickers available forever ?

The stickers recieved through the purchase of DLC are kept forever, if I remember correctly.

For people who bought before patch. But if I buy the patch now will I get them forever as well?

Do not want to get burned with somethign as big as this.

Yes. They just changed the time that they stay on your ship. You have the option of 24 hours or 1 week, but they still remain with you as being ‘owned’.