Buying and Selling the Star Conflict way

The current trading system is HORRIBLE !!!  There are no positive posts at all about the Star Conflict trading system . There have been posts saying that the trade board is a step in the right direction . In my opinion the 10% tax is fine , this is a business . The base price Star Conflict sets is fine , they have to keep the parts competitive with container prices . but the drop rate on 99% of the parts make it impossible to sell anything as the entire server already has everything your selling . And to buy or sell anything you are FORCED to endlessly stare at the chat window to find a buyer or seller . Then if you actually get a player to buy or sell you can’t even communicate with him because he speaks a different language . The one part that nobody has only drops a few times a week to maybe 10 players in the entire server and those parts are selling for 2000-4000 GS if there are even any for sale at all .So I propose the following changes to the iridium containers in loot search …

Iridium containers drop all parts at the same drop rate …10% chance , making them rare drops (not very rare) the rest of the time they drop one of 4 things … CREDITS , LOYALTY , SYNERGY OR MONOCRYSTALS (NOT ENRICHED MONOCRYSTALS) … This way the parts would start to be rare and the trading system would start to work right .

You mean the [Weekly Caches!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33224-cache-contents-list/)


So fare the Weekly Cache types are Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, Gamma-, Zeta-caches.

All these types have the possible drop rates for 1 out of 5 drops:

1x very rare =   1% chance ? (e.g. Optical resonator: Meson Cannon R13-15 )

2x rare         = 10% chance ? (e.g. Blueprint «Photon emitter» R13-15 Mk1 )

2x common = 40% chance ? (e.g. Blueprint «Phase modulator» R13-15 Mk5 )


I would say in these weekly caches we do not need another source for: CREDITS , LOYALTY , SYNERGY OR MONOCRYSTAL

It is good the way it is, with the Weekly Caches for Iridium.

That is because one could always sell or salvage the not required (non-selling?) items for credits in the storage.


We all would be happier if the <STORAGE> and <WORKSHOP> tabs in game and their interfaces would be less complicated, making handling one’s parts, blueprints, items, modules etc.pp. more easy and intuitive, though (just my 5cents).



I Just say that all “random” items from containers need to be legitimately random. Not all have the same chance except for one part which has a 1% chance.

Trading system should be more like EBay. This way average Joe still has an equal chance of selling his BP for a reasonable price. 25 people posting to the entire game that they are selling this BP and there soul for 300 GS makes it a waste of time to even post.


Break it down:

Don’t post price just post that you have it for sell and if someone wants it then they contact you and then you make the trade.


The list of people selling that item should be in order of when they posted so the oldest post is at the top. Tendancy is that most people will go for the person at the top than the bottom.





Remove the entire selling window and make a Want To Buy Window so if you want to buy something then post that and a seller will contact you or both. Whatever just do eet. XD





Buyers should be able to post adverts too and not just for 2 hours the new add-on for trade is useless in the current form, everyone uses the trade channel

I would like the idea that trade would be station specific:

  • in station Ellxdium you sell/buy Elly stuff

-in station New Haven you buy/sell Federation stuff

… and so on…

  • in pirate station Fort Muerto you sell/buy endgame stuff (T5)  ![:good:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/good.gif “:good:”)

I mostly buy, but then my mailbox gets over 30 messages in less than a minute.

Good way to test the servers that run on hamster wheels.  ![:yes_yes_yes:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/yes_yes_yes.gif “:yes_yes_yes:”)

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Well…ive been only selling. Made a few sells (like 2k GS). Language is not a problem since you have the tag thing. The advertise feature is quite nice, although i got dissapointed after realising it was only an advertise and not something that would sell what you posted; the player sees your offer, but must contact you for you to send a mail with the item and price instead of simply clicking “buy”, without need of further interaction from the seller. Mistakes can happen in the way and if you or the other player are afk, no transaction is made.


EDIT: the trade chat is pretty much useless for me.

I think it is for most players  … the  poll shows a general dislike for the current system

I would say its constructive critique. Ppl use it - but could be better - and see some disadvantages.

If its worth the man-hours of devs it will be upgraded in future.