Buy License With Cash Only !?!?!?!?

Biggest turn off to the game it The only way to keep a license is to buy it with cash and this sucks it makes for literally a “Pay to Win” game and that is a complete turn off for an mmo i really like that guns and ship equipment of equal strength to Pay items can be bought with high enough rep and In game money… however after 6 days you knock all of us non cash people in the dirt when you nerf us by 50 and 75% which will prob make me stop playing in a few days or start a new account because if i wanted to pay monthly i would play EVE


a license is far away from being P2W. It helps you to rank up faster, but it does not give you any advantage in battles.

It does not increase any stats which will grant you any advantage while flying against other pilots.



it is a huge help in being pay to win because to use better guns and better ships you have to level up and to level up at a good rate which by the way with the boost its still slow so i can imagine without it this will take forever and well  if i wanted to wait literally a month i would play eve, and dont get me wrong you guys have a great game the combat is awesome but i really think they should make it to where you can buy your license with regular cash hell id be willing to pay 1mil in game credit to get a  7day license 

Ranking up faster is no real argument for P2W. There are also people who can spend many hours a day playing and there are people who can only play a little time per day.
Furthermore there are always events which increase the credit/reputation gain which gives all players the chance to rank up faster.

So, it means we can play all battle mode for free ?

We can play with friends for free ?


No !

The licence allows us to gain more creds and reputation. That’s ok.

But without this premium account, we can’t pve, and we cant play with 3 friends.


That is not P2W, but clearly it is not Free to play.


That is the biggest problem.


PS : And now, we can’t test lot of feature if we can’t pay. So we are playing a F2P where we have to pay to test … Nonsense.

Well, i certainly DON´T agree with the OP, i DO agree on the fact that having smaller squads as non-premium is bullshit!

Personally i have premium (mainly to get out Corp. more members) but when i saw (the one day i didn´t have Premium) that i can´t squad up decently, i thought that is was a big turn down and, to be honest, a really stupid one!

Give the non-premiums no Global chat or something like that but smaller squads really ruins gameplay.

I enjoy and support the way the current system works.


I do not however, think it should give its current buffs. I believe that the license should provide access to change ship color, and stickers,  i also believe that there should be a sort of color - charge changer (like the repair option)

The game charges money for premium accounts and services,

since it is an open beta.


The devs surely need funds to run the servers and further develop the game.


What will come after the release is uncertain to me,

but there are good chances it will be possible to play

premium for ingame cash.


nearly every F2P had those phases,

like LotRO / DDO even Guildwars 2.


Just have some patience:)

They need something to make money, yes?