bullet sponge reset too fast

don’t like pvp, but i’m ok to try getting this mission.

but, can’t even try because this mission reset  too fast :

yesterday : i logged, and accepted the mission :

time :11 h37

first reset : 12 h 21, must accept it again


this morning : i logged an accepted again the mission :

time : 11 h39

reset again at : 14 h 39


it mean, that i have a big chance to, maybe get one or 2 medals, and see this mission  reset before the last one.

and as i don’t want to rage quit, can you, please , fix this to allow me to try to get it ???


which logs i must put here  ? game.log, or game.net.log ?




It is the same with every other campaign mission. I’m had a resest of my campaign missions 3 times last evening.

: (

Yeah I just stopped doing them. There’s really no point further on.

yes… can understand , just accepted again bullet sponge :((

time : 19 h 41

just play a ton of matches with defensive thar’ga/tai’kin and emphasise on regen

normally tai’kin with emergency barrier, viritual particle condenser, combat + static shield should do the trick, just make sure you don’T die (and use IR flares to get rid of nasty engine lockdown)

yes, thx Flash, have only thar ga r 15, and it’s a ****, just want to be sure  i have enough time to do it without be worried about theses resets…

man I had more than 250 bullet sponges before but for a campaign rank up reward: I did engi + missile reload + improved missile pylons + em toprs in PvE and hitted me and healed me with : engi actives



next one:  3 times 6 beacon captures in battle “All mine” (I have 16) in one day - man … this I will sit out … theres nothing to the rank 20 atm??


I question why they did this before they finished the Global Fleet Upgrade …


7 minutes ago, avarshina said:

I question why they did this before they finished the Global Fleet Upgrade …

Parasites always need a host to survive.   ![:lol:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/lol.png “:lol:”)

1 hour ago, Koromac said:

Parasites always need a host to survive.   ![:lol:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/lol.png “:lol:”)

this!  ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)

we know, will be fixed

Thx Skula

and thx too Avarshina