Builds for Open Space~

Hello I kinda new to the forum soo lets go.
I really try find some recent guide or something for farm credits on Open space, but some people tell about build for that with Waz’got or Thar’ga… Anyone have recent build in 2020 for those ships???

Hey, you can go any build for OS on any ship, it’s just that lower lvl ships will struggle in some zones due to the enemies doing more damage/getting swarmed. all the “old” ship builds are still viable, the game (for the most part) stayed the same. IMO for OS you can focus on these

  1. Resistance (counter the damage u will be fighting against)= 90% of the damage in OS is kinetic; aliens and enemy interceptors will do EM damage, thermal damage is for the most part negligible (except in cyber controlled zones,the anomalies hit hard af.)

  2. Movement speed = the more you have the better, OS is BIG and you don’t want to fly around with 300 m/s when a warp gate is 15km away (cruise engine / swiftness sphere are incredibly useful in this case)

  3. Damage, the AI is incredibly predictable so you can get away with using pretty much any weapon you want

  4. Healing = to help you sustain and regen hull and shields during/when the battle is over.

  5. extended hull and spatial scanner = more cargo space and can search for containers, secret containers, asteroids, enemies etc, makes farming in OS much easier

i guess people recommend alien ships because in Thar’ga’s case “matter absorber”  + “combat shield regen” gives you all the healing you’ll need, but like on all other ships you can slap a “hull restoration system”, and you’ll do just as well. Fly what you feel most comfortable with! special mentions to recon and tacklers for their special modules (11km gap close and invisibility respectively)

for credits farm, i personally recommend a premium ship + farm PvE, assuming you have good seed chips for higher levels, you can get 500k-2mil credits for 10 min (or less) of work. For OS, i guess farm asteroids? a “great extraction” from a rich asteroid may give you 1mil credits container

if you already knew these things… well… sorry :confused: you just don’t need alien ships for OS, instead of a Thar’ga might as well take a Wolfhound and lololol through everything

I'm glad someone answered me thank you very much! Some of the things you said I already knew and others helped me, I understand that I don’t need the alien ships, but I have them and I hardly use them so it raised the question of builds which is something I don’t understand at all and I don’t find things recent for them (which is something I find sad, nobody puts anything or helps in walking almost always).

And seed chips… i cant farm alone and no one helps soo yeah. About asteroids, I know they need to warm up and everything, but I never get anything from it, I see people just touching them and taking various things, can you give me a recommendation? gun to use or someone special ship. Thank so much for reply!!

This is my thar’ga setup for OS, i planned my build for pvp beforehand that’s why i don’t have everything unlocked (for pvp it’s ok-ish, could be better), for OS i have very good chips so i face roll everything xD
For weapons anything works i guess, you just need to time ur hits for asteroids. engineers are bad for asteroids cuz drons attack the asteroid and make you you to fail the extraction process. i recommend swapping predator for spatial scanner and probably the kinetick resist on hull for an “extended hull” imo take the movement increase in the first branch (the 65 point one). with the build in the pic i have 573m/s AB movement speed. idk hope it helps 

edit: i’d stay away from swiftness sphere tho, the already bad maneuverability thar;ga has is made worse (feels like the middle ground between a, empire fighter and frigate)