Hello Community,

I saw some player who thinks it is cool to use a bug (or something like this). They Use their Abilitie “Stealth”, but can shoot as long as they want in this stealth mode. You can’t damage them or shoot them out of stealth.

I don’t write usernames now, but i want that this people write the bug in this topic (or sth else) so the devs can fix it.

If there are more and more players who use this, i must write names, and i have names.


I think my post before isn’t totally right.

I think this is a display bug, because i had this problem with clan mates too and they had the problem with me.

So i think the people doesn’t use this bug, it happens to them, same thing is by Bots.

LG Hurric4n

Please, use “edit”, do not multypost.


@Vesna Sorry - I have written this on the Ipod and there I can’t scroll at the end of the Post.

/Fixed closed moved.