Bug: WazGot Node Research

So about a month ago, I was in a battle queue and decided I would research a node while in queue. Turns out this was a bad idea, as the node somehow is stuck in some weird glitch. The thing is, it doesn’t just affect that one node, but it somehow affects everything, including future nodes. When you are in battle, you can’t activate or deactivate nodes. Okay, this is normal. So I leave the queue to activate the node. I click it, but it doesn’t highlight and allow me to hit Activate. But if I devolve another node, I can now activate this node, but I can’t activate that other node now, as it has the same problem. It seems that from now on, there is always one node I cannot activate. This is highly frustrating, as I really want my Waz’Got to evolve to R9. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there any way to fix it?


I also know this should probobly be under Modules, but for some reason I couldn’t create the topic there. If a mod can move it there, I would be pleased.

You need to unlock the special mod to progress in the tree.

9 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

You need to unlock the special mod to progress in the tree.


We don’t see a bug. You should do quests for obtain new rank.