BUG - Release 1.4.5 - PVE - FIRE SUPPORT Mission

There is a hole in the map and textures in FIRE SUPPORT mission for Rel 1.4.5

The map/camera GPS position of the hole is very close to 444.20, -120.0, 5490


Visually it is just prior to the first upright structure along the left hand side of the cliff face, where the second wave spawns in.  (just forward of the upright structure where the first set of snipers are located in Wave One.  


To locate it again, position the test craft near that GPS camera position on the map and skim along the crevice of the angled and vertical cliffs covered with snow.  The hole is at the join of the vertical and the angled cliff walls.  As you approach the error in the vertices connections, the ship will begin to shimmer similar to how tacklers do just before they cloak.     Keep advancing THRU the cliff face.


Once you pass into the texture hole, the shimmering will stabilize and the ship will display as usual.   You will be INSIDE all the mapping and located under the ground floor of the map.

Any attempts to fire at the enemy will result in the rounds striking the inside of the texturing.   The Alpha Layering gives the appearance that you are free to exit thru bug and rejoin your teammates but unless you relocate the hole in the texture again from the inside and exit back out… you are stuck in the bug and can only fly around inside and under the supporting graphics objects.  Which is kinda cool all in itself, but you’re not helping your team out by doing so.


Bug was duplicated with multiple FIRE SUPPORT missions so that the camera GPS positioning could be captured and documented for texture and wire-frame correction.  

Could you post a video or screenshot in the bug section?

Vu, PM in-game and I’ll record a video for you.

Thanks for the recording assist Koromac.  That was fun.  


To ALL — Ignore the few minutes it takes for me to relocate the hole…we were under fire.  But do note we did find it… hung out a bit inside the map and then relocated the exit again and rejoined the others…Oh and we won!!!.


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On 7/8/2017 at 11:19 PM, ORCA1911 said:

Could you post a video or screenshot in the bug section?

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