Bug - PvE - Bot's Artifical Intelligence Problem

Not really sure what to call this topic.


Enemies in the “destroy the turrets” mission (hidden maintenance) were clumping up in a really bizarre way, as if they were all pulled to 1 spot by a magnet.


I took 6 screenshots which you can see attached.


hopefully the screenshots show it clearly and you can figure out what to do about this!








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Thanks for your report, Can you please, follow the “Bug Report Scheme”



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Thanks you.

Thx dry eagle! Im gonna go play PvE w/ anaconda-m and shoot torps at them now :slight_smile:

Caused by the ai pathing to the last alive player hidden in a nook along one of the asteroids, ending up at a point where they all push each other equally forming a ball.

This occurrence was a thing for many versions now. I even gave it the name ‘Deff Star’ among my peers.

LOL that has been happening for ages…   as Ikmez and Capnnic have eluded.     At least Capnnic gave it a dignified name…  :lol: