bug or feature

Well as the title already tells you i am not certain if this is an error or wanted. But when flying “Thar’Ga” and activating “Alien intuition” the locking systhem error can be purged by using “Combat Reboot” Now what i like to know is was it supposed to be like this or is this a technical mistake.




[2017.01.15 12.21.02.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13018)

If you need something else please tell me and if this is supposed to be like that just close this discussion.

Thank you


Curently this is a feature, but if changing it will be required for balancing purposes, that will become a bug, huehue )))

I’d suggest integrating the locking systhem error in the crit buff -> buffs can not be purged. I hope this will be done because what is the point calling this thing “intuition” when the lock can be used while it is active.

An other idea is to make this an on/off module which drains energy per second like tacklers inhibitor beam. But if this is done the thing from above has to be done otherwise it is… well REALLY overpowered.

Well locking wont matter most of time,its about the lead marker for weapons with lower velocities or for longer ranges,that also if you have good situational awareness,but for a bigger crit chance its definitely worth it,as long as you don’t go past 100%

Of course i just said locking systhem error because that’s the debuff…

The debuff its about hiding the enemy and allied ship markers,could be interesting if it could hide the whole HUD.

bug, will be fixed