Bug in Mission 'Chasing Jack-o-lantern'

Please refer to my detailed explanation in this thread: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?showtopic=28581#entry339505](< base_url >/index.php?showtopic=28581#entry339505)

In short: The counter stopped at ‘222/666’ while playing in T3. I never got anything like ‘Accept reward’ or similar, only the ‘ok’ button. If I press it nothing happens. Then I played T2 for several hours today. Plenty of kills of ships marked with a Pumpkin. Even one kill ‘Captain kills Captain’ while I was Captain. No points at all, the counter still is at '222/666`.

How can I still finish the mission?.


Best regards

You need to update your client. I’m not sure why you are still able to play. XD

They pushed an update that makes the requirement 222 kills so when you update you should be fine.

That did it. The mission updated to T4 after the update.

It didn’t tell me there was an update and it allowed me to login with an old client. Wasted most of yesterday and all of today.

I won’t be able to complete because I am out of time.

What a shame.

But thanks for pointing out the update anyway… 


PS: I kindly request to get the reward anyway.

It’s much less to get the now so you should be able to grind through t4-5 in a day or so if you do nonstop PvP. And you also get the rewards from playing PvP on top of it, so win win regardless. ^^;

I hope you get them.

Unfortunately no can do, gotta work…Those DLC ships need to be paid…(I bought ALL DLC-packs this weekend)…