Bug in Leviathan mission

1. Description of the problem, what happened.


according to the mission briefing, players have to escort the transport ship to the gate,

but when the ship reached it the mission stay unfinished


2. What did you expected to happen.

the mission should be completed as the briefing described


3. The conditions during the situation.

I just stopped there didn’t do anything in the situation


4. Further details on the issue.

I saw the transport ship reached the gate and disappeared but nothing happens


5. Frequency of occurrence.

I tried many times (convoy. day 1) yesterday , cant finish it,

I tried again today (convoy. day 2) still the same.


6. Logs + [screenshots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18799-how-to-takepost-screenshots/) or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it)



2016.08.09 15.14.11.zip


Maybe you should be a little closer?  ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”)

3km+ really?!
You should be ~500m close or something(at best just wait at that gate like in all other escort missions) to fulfill the mission.

Yeah I haven’t tried this one but I’m pretty sure you have to be as close to it as those Escort ships are during regular escort OS dailies…

They’re all right. You gotta be within 900m I think. Maybe less.

I don’t see a bug

Yeah try going closer. If you are too far away it doesn’t count - I was something like 3 km away and even though I had defended it, it didn’t count because I was too far away when it warped.