Bug in forum login

**ignore this. I’m just explaining my self**


Hi. So today I finally logged on to the forums successfully after not being able to whilst logged in. I don’t have a screenshot as I was going to today but was able to logon successfully this time. I still don’t know what is causing it.


**actual report**


What happens: When I attempt to login it will redirect me to the Gaijin Login page as usual, but after being redirected back to the forums an Error shows up say: " Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this community". On the side the #1000 is also present ( not sure if it is a code or not) and this will happen for days on end, only letting me login properly a few times.


How to recreate the bug: I don’t know


this issue is known and should be fixed.

If someone still experiences the issue, please contact me in game.

Nickname: Error