Bug: Game Client - Hanger - Arthur Gage Daily Mission to send ships to war

Logs are not needed.   The bug can be reproduced by performing the following steps and Devs can capture their own logs while replicating the steps:


1).  Send six ships off to war on the Arthur Gage Daily mission.   

  1.  Forget about them or Monitor them for the first 9 hours 55 mins.   Its the last few minutes that were interested in.

  2.  When the 10 hours are just about up and the ships are ready to return, open the Gage Mission status and watch the remaining timer count down to zero.

  3.  When the timer reaches zero, the CANCEL button will still be present and active.   (Bug #1)

  4.  Now click the BROKER Icon at the top of the panel.   BROKER tasks will be presented.

  5.  Now click the GAGE icon again to return to his tasks. 

  6.  BUG #2 is now active.    The yellow Task Completion Button will be shown but when pressed, the completed GAGE mission will be reset back as incomplete (it is being canceled).

The bug will not present itself if the user returns to the HANGER docks display and then goes into BROKER.   It only presents itself when one goes from GAGE panel to BROKER and back to GAGE after first watching the timer expire on the Gage Task.  If one goes to HANGER, the logic is performing the steps required to syntax check that the mission completed properly and is valid for Reward before presenting the GAGE panel.   But if you never exit the sub panels full syntax is not performed.   The button will be Yellow (Timer = 00:00 ???)  But the underlying logic will still trigger the CANCEL Event attached to the button.

The bugs only present themselves if bouncing from panel to panel and never fully exiting the sub-panels to the Hanger once the Timer has expired.

I’ve replicated the bug twice in this manor.    The temporary solution is to just resend the 6 ships back out again for another 10 hours since the Game Client has interpreted the yellow complete button as a Cancel instead of granting the Rewards.   

Anyone wanting to also replicate it using the above steps just make sure you have enough time in the day to restart the mission again before it resets at Daily Rollover.




Listen, there could be multiple reasons why this isn’t working for you. Provide logs anyway. PC is a tricky thing.

LOL @ “listen” …seriously?

Of course there are multiple reasons its not working correctly.   I described in detail two of them, labeled BUG#1 and BUG#2.   I have no problem with digging up more but that will cut into my piloting and flying time and Id rather spend my time earning monos and other loot, then hunting out more obscure bugs.

As for a PC being a tricky thing…ummmm…no.   As a professional developer myself across all platforms from Mainframes to Embedded MCUs, I know for a fact that there is no magic or tricks involved in the machinery or the logic they run.   They only do what what they are told to do by the people that wrote the code they are running.   

Since your tags say your interests include writing bug reports for Skula, he will understand more of this then you.

Skula,   Look into the logic at the events that are triggered by the clicking of the mouse from the HANGER, when you click on the GAGE icon there.   It will more then likely be running an Event or piece of logic that gets executed or initialized before displaying the GAGE Panel …and NOT be executed when the panels are toggled back and forth as described above.   The piece of logic in question would be where the CANCEL BUTTON properties are populated (by default) and then adjusted if the logic sees that the 10 Hour Timer has expired to then repopulate the Button Properties and change its color to yellow.   I can see the color change is based on the value of the timer, with it being at zero but the Button EVENT is not being repopulated or directed to execute in that case, as it does when coming into the Panel from the HANGER Gage Icon click event.   

FOR DEBUG PURPOSES :  A breakpoint added at the beginning of the Panel logic would show exactly whats not being triggered properly.   Then step the logic thru each source line and swap to BROKER panel and then back to GAGE.   It will more then likely show some lines of code being omitted, skipped or being filtered out based on IF-Block conditions.   They are being processed when inbound to the panel from HANGER, but not from within themselves (which may result in a recursion error if not coded correctly or a filter was added to prevent such recursion)  Something is there in source and not allowing the BUTTON Properties to be initialized to the correct state.   They are in half states, yellow button due to Timer being at Zero value, but CANCEL Event still being triggered when click with the mouse.  If this is a case where two physical buttons exist on the panel and overlay each other, then the Yellow button is showing and the CANCEL is being masked but its event is being triggered when its clicked due to it being on top of the yellow one but the Mask is not correct and the Yellow is showing thru from underneath it.    Understand?


The last time I looked at LOGS, they didn’t trap mouse movements and clicks …and is why i documented the steps to recreate the bug (every 10 hours).   And in saying that, my Professional Quality Assurance Certs are shaking in their frames on the walls because I know it hasn’t even been 10 hours yet before ya posted, Kormak, so I know you didn’t even try to replicate before trying to blame my PC.  (If you only knew whats on this side of things, in hardware, software, tools and experience, you’d hold your tongue).

*** Posted to correct the Game Client for the better of all who play, not to pick on any one user or to brag of qualifications.   

game logs strongly needed

I know the Trade System is about to roll out.  I’ll wait for that to apply to the production box and then set up the GAGE mission again and try to get ya some short logs to go thru with only this in them and not hours of battles and other events.   It doesnt make sense to me to go chasing this one down with major mods on the Test Server and just about ready to roll out.  I’ll see if it can be recreated under that release and get back to ya here, with logs if it still occurs after that patch.

14 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

game logs strongly needed

![:lol:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/lol.png “:lol:”) I told you so!