bug auto reload [NA]

Hi, When I end a battle, it does not recharge the ammunition and the missiles, says that there are no credits to recharge, and I have mas of 600.000 credits, this way that I have to return to buy them, since there is solved the problem with which I cannot car recharge the ammunition and the missiles, another question, in appliances to refine for iridium it me puts that I have-1 since it is solved?

Seriously I have to wait so much in order that they arrange this bug, for which I have sent two tickets already and still I continue to the wait, meanwhile my account Premium is consumed and I continue with this failure of the game.

I assume you use auto refill in combination with Premium ammunition? If you use Premium ammonition, everytime they refill they will take Galactic Standarts. Thus draining your GS.


Mk1 to Mk3 do not take GS for refill.

Could you please attach some screenshots?

Flagging as NA, if screenshots are submitted or some sort of reply from OP, I will reopen.