BUG: Active Modules Disabled (Could not use)

I am assuming this is a bug as I didn’t see any de-buffs and even if there were its new to me.

I was locked on to enemy ship and 2 of my modules (lock on mods) were disabled and did not work.

TIMESTAMP: ‎January ‎2, ‎2017, ‏‎9:09:05 PM (21:09:05) For LOGS…


EDIT: REMOVED SCREENSHOT and I was locked on to enemy ship which is what drew me to do this bug report…



ALSO INCREASE THE MAX FILE SIZE LIMIT! My logs are bigger than this and it is buggy. The combat log is zipped and NOW under 1.51MB but still popping up saying file size limit is 1.51MB. (Removed a chunk of text in combat log not in given time range).




Stasis and energy drain modules are targetable modules, if you have no target locked (and you do not have anybody locked on a screenshot) modules arent usable.

I was locked on to someone and they didn’t work and that’s why I made the screenshot. The screenshot was my bad, but couldn’t get it while I was right on someone had to shuffle around lol.

Then this screenshot is very misleading (

3 minutes ago, xKostyan said:

Then this screenshot is very misleading (

Yeah sorry I wasn’t thinking (I do that sometimes). lol Anyway to remove it?


Maybe in edit

  1. What modules was blocked?

  2. What nickname of your target?