Brokk - how to get missions from A. Gage?

Brokk description says you can complete special tasks with Arthur Gage to get Brokk. Please let me know how to activate these missions?

That is a thing of the past. Try again in half a year.

xeno missions give a box that can have Brokk parts 200 xeno or 500 xeno don’t remember

The activator box is the one, that contains 10 (the game sais 10, 25 or 50 but i think that’s a lie) brokk parts costs 500 xeno chips?


Xenochips will be removed from the game on January 18.

Basically even with flawless luck and unending grind you will not be  able to get the Brokk right now.

Im still waiting for another special ship event where we can directky trade xenos for ship parts. We had one not too long ago. I got Karud. Really wish I had gotten the Brokk instead.