Broker missions Missing

I got this screenshot sent to me. I do not have these missions. I hate to think I am missing out. 



I don’t have this.

I have a square with a ! showing on it but no missions from Gage itself.





Same deal on my end, still no broker missions


Daily reset and still no broker mission for destroyer. I have heard others say they are on second day. I guess I am burned  again. Just like the ms frost mission that i could not do.

Well, today it’s 15 berry + 15 electrom

(yesterday it was 5 electrom and 5 neodium) 

Now with hot fix I have day 2.

screenshot-161004-233154.jpg.8d54d8af1f2a05f77fcb25dd450783e0.jpgI think the devs should make it up to us players who never got day one. They should at the very least allow us the chance to make it up.

I have Day 2 missions available, but I never saw Day 1.  That’s despite having been in-game twice that day: around midnight EDT (GMT -4:00) and around 3pm EDT (roughly 9 hours ago).  I do have today’s Broker missions, but I do not have the 10 hour away mission from A. Gage.  I would have sent my destroyers on yesterday’s away mission if there had been any indication that things were actually starting that day.


It would probably be easier to just give everyone the rewards for yesterday’s and today’s missions than to find some other way to let people complete missions that they SHOULD have been able to do.  Might also need to do that for tomorrow’s missions if they can’t be fixed before the daily reset…


EDIT: Re-logging fixed the missing A. Gage mission.  Still don’t see the Day 1 missions.