Broker missions: Build a premium ship!



UMC reports that the customer known as the ‘Broker’ offers special assignments to all pilots who are interested in getting new premium ships.

Get 20 ship parts for any of the 3 new premium ships in trophy search after Skirmish, Missions, Versus AI battles or in special bundle containers. To get ship parts you need to participate in battles on ships of ranks 7, 10 or 13 with the highest level of synergy.

The Broker reports that his employer is transporting special machinery where it should never be. He utilises special technology that allows breaking battle ships down into fragments and masking them as civilian cargo. Unfortunately, some of the cargo ended up in a place where it absolutely can’t be found by the wrong people.

If the components you find are enough to assemble a whole ship, we are prepared to officially give it to you as a reward for dedicated service.