Broken Matchmaker

I’m not in the mood to file a full bug report so i’m only posting relevant information.

Description: two 3 man radix squads queued t5 and were not matched against each other. we waited like 10 minutes and nothing. Afterwords, we queued all solo and had 6 pilots queueing (with xspot) and we still didn’t get launched. that’s enough for a 3v3 so why weren’t we matched against each other?

Time: 3:12 pacific time


Rest is irrelevant. it’s server side. 




I think there is still the rule where two leaders of a squad from the same corp cannot be matched vs each other. It may have changed but it was the case for the last few months

you’d think they’d remove that since most of us have actually promised to fight one another…

Because two squads from one corporation. MM can’t include them in one command, and can’t launch one vs other.

No bug