Broken Matchmaker

If this does not get a number, this is the last bug report i am making. I am dead serious. Too many get shut down, “We are too lazy to fix it!” “Working as intended” 


What happened: 


I was the only good player on my team and my enemies had 2 good players and a good support player. (3v1)


I expected to get a decent match where i don’t have to solo an entire enemy team.


The conditions: Queueing up for t5 pvp.


I get bad ping and bad teams vs good ping and good teams.


This happens almost every game. 


Time that it happens: Always. Today, it happened at 12:30 just to give a specific answer


DXDiag: Irrelevant. But if you really do want it, please don’t lock this thread. Just ask for it.



if this bug report isn’t perfect, DON’T LOCK THE THREAD. You lock too many bug reports. I can add if you need more. 


^^This is coming from a very unhappy star conflict player who is sick and tired of sorry excuses for locking threads. Thanks :) 





As you can see, they have 100kg and dragonxxl who have good ping and my team has me. the rest are bad randoms (no offense, there’s still hope for you bad randoms)




Adding players once the match starts seems pretty balanced imo. They got penetrator we got meh storm guy. They got random no-ob we got meh player. It’s just the beginning that is xxxx. DragonXXL and 100kg vs me to start out with is just xxxx.  7X4frzx.jpg



[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9936)

[combat.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9937)

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9938)



Just another example, my team is down 6 ships which is equal to a player and a half. Really, it isn’t that hard to add something that factors number of ships into matchmaker. 


Also, for god sakes please fix the sync error with people joining. the game had people joining every second so i played over the same thing 5 times! 


I don’t know how this could have been missed in testing, but you really need more testers cuz this is freaking obvious. I have volunteered before, i am willing to test for you though i’m pretty certain you think i’m too critical (although i would have less to be critical about in the first place if i was a tester or you listened to player input). I also know plenty of people who would test for you. 


And on a final note, if you need input about balancing, i will also tell you what ideas are stupid. Honestly, looking at dev accounts, you guys have hardly any battles and don’t play SC that much. I won’t kiss up to you like whoever is telling you that making scatter gun useless is a great idea. 


Thanks :) 

No discussions in the bug report section unless you have to add something usefull to the report. There is also no need to bump.

It’s very difficelt problem. We think about it.

It’s very difficelt problem. We think about it.

okay. thanks 

Surely it isn’t that difficult. Team A has x ships, Team B has y ships. New player C has 1 ship, New player D has 4 ships. If x is less than y then player D goes to Team A and Player C goes to Team B. If x is greater than y, then New Player C goes to Team A and Player D to Team B.


There, pretty simple.





in T4 players must have a minimum of 3 ships to start T4 PvP (rank 8-9 ships allowed).


in T5 players must have a minimum of 4 ships to start T5 PvP (rank 11-12 ships allowed).



Warthunder has a nice feature where a player must own 6 planes of a tier before they can progress to the next tier. This would work here too, and would greatly reduce the amount of inexperienced tier rushers in higher tier games.

This was an excellent presentation of the primary concern affecting SC game play presently.  So many of us are at the very end of patience and frustration with the manner in which SC has lost focus of common sense that I would propose a complete boycott of the game by the entire player base until the major flaws in match making are fixed.


I would especially like to see the focus made on the Combat Recon mode, it has become no less than ridiculous.  Why it has gone on this long without any corrective action at all is beyond comprehension.  I have been queued up into this mode where the game has ended before my side has even entered into the battle, or where are Capt. has been eliminated before his supporting team members have entered into battle to protect him, in effect we are being thrown into a situation of “no chance” and this is absolutely stupid.  In addition, it is negatively affecting each players piloting stats taking away from their positive standings and reducing those values making them negative without ever having the opportunity to participate in the battle to begin with in order to have an effect on the win or loss because of the errors introduced by the match making process.  It’s broken and needs to be repaired to bring back some sense of order to the game.


I see this becoming more and more of an issue and it should no longer be ignored by the developers and game managers.  Let’s do something about this, don’t continue to sit back and let these anomalies continue without some corrective action and intervention.  This game deserves better treatment and support for the players, corporations and the pilots who have become devoted to the game and long for the competition of team battles, tournaments, and potentials that the game has to improve and become an even more awesome game than it has offered in previous versions before and after good and poor upgrades.  No one minds the flaws that come around now and then, mistakes are human and can be corrected, so no big deal, but when they are not recognized and corrected after being presented with obvious and valuable feedback by the CEO’s and players who support the game and want it to be the game that originated with so many excellent ideas and promises for the future, it then has become such a huge disappointment not to see these numerous feedbacks, and suggestions to improve the game by a knowledgeable game player base, seriously  considered and put into corrective action(s).


Please make corrective changes and bring SC back to life for the hardcore players, new players, and to help return those premium players who have already turned away from the game because of the endless errors encountered and realizing that their support in way of funding and mentoring new players and corporations into the world of SC has not been returned equally by the game and by the management of the game by the creators and development team that are so crucial to making the game viable, challenging, competitive and above all else logical and reasonable.

I fail to see how this is a difficult problem. Your matchmaker was mostly fine until you implemented joining mid-game. It seems like common sense to fix this honestly.

In case it isn’t common sense to you, I’ll spell it out.


Initial teams: this part for the most part works just fine, teams tend to start out decently balanced. Still some improvements are needed.

-Balance teams based on 3 factors, # of ships in lineup, pilot skill rating (one that would be based on tier played, K/D, and efficiency per battle), and highest rank ship in lineup.


As players join:

-Simply apply the same balancing principles as above, but spread out. As players join, it should never put the better of the two players who join on the same team twice or more in a row. If the first 2 pilots who join mid-game are sorted, the better should be on the team that is losing or has less skilled pilots. The second time, the better player should be placed on the other team, so that it doesn’t weight them to one team.


I fail to see how this isn’t common sense…


I do like PrivateBrowsing bringing up WT’s ranking up system. Tier-rushing is too prevalent in this game, so we need something to prevent it. Whether that be a minimum PvP battles requirement or a ship requirement, something needs to happen.

To be completely honest, it doesn’t need to account for that either. It needs to account for how good the ship is, the equipment on the ship, the pilot rating and not just how many ships there are. If a player chooses to fly one ship, he chooses that ship and that’s it.


It’s his fault for not having a full house.

Here is my contribution to the report. This example profile had repeated itself through 5 matches:


  1. Matches chippisc and i against 3… decent deft guys

  2. They get ExtraDeftGuy, SteveJobs[Apple], RUSdestruct961 and CommandOK794

  3. we get Tackler80, AcidHydraAce,  lrfAFK and StuckCommand




Just thought i’d remind you that it’s still broken.


Me and General on a team vs 2 randoms, one of them having only 1 playable ship, is not matchmaking. Though i won’t complain. 


Now we use other, [the rank matchmaker](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28707-star-conflict-123)